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History of the Graston Technique®

The Graston Technique®, researched at Ball Memorial Hospital and Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, was conceived by an athlete who suffered a debilitating knee injury while water skiing.

Frustrated at the lack of rehabilitation progress following surgery and conventional therapy, he applied his professional background in machining to create the initial Graston Technique® instruments to treat his soft tissue injury.

In 1994, TherapyCare Resources Inc., parent company of Graston Technique®, opened an outpatient clinic in Indianapolis, where outcome data was gathered on a wide range of chronic and acute injuries. Five years later, the company turned all of its attention to teaching and training clinicians and research on the technique. Michael I. Arnolt, a co-founder, served as TCR president, for 19 years. In 2013, Graston Technique® was acquired by a newly formed Indianapolis-based entity, Graston Technique, LLC (GT-LLC). Todd R. Lugar is President & CEO.

Today, there are more than 22,650 clinicians worldwide—including athletic trainers, chiropractors and therapists—who use the Graston Technique
® protocol to effectively detect–treat–resolve a myriad of connective soft tissue dysfunctions. There are also more than 384 professional and amateur sports organizations and some 2,700 outpatient facilities that use GT. This growing list of practitioners and clinics comprises what now is known as the GT Provider Network.

Graston Technique
® is part of the curriculum at 45 respected colleges and universities and has participated in or is engaged in research projects at Indiana University, Texas Back Institute and
St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.


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