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Doctors of Chiropractic

I find that implementing GT in my practice has greatly improved my patients' overall health. I also find that when working with our professional athletes (New Orleans Saints/Hornets) we are able to either keep them on the field/court or get them back out there more quickly.”

— Sean Lamy, DC
Metairie, LA

"Graston Technique® has made a true believer out of me! I've used the technique to treat many of my tough chronic soft tissue cases, and it has been extremely effective. I've had great success using GT for a wide range of injuries and structural adhesions."

— Eugene DeMinico, DC
Pittston, PA

"This seminar was one of the best I've taken. The information and instructors were excellent. I'm excited to integrate GT into everyday practice."

— John Fragoso, DC
Chico, CA

"The implementation of Graston Technique
® has enhanced my clinical outcomes, personal satisfaction, and has been both financially and professionally rewarding."

— Gordon Lawson, DC, DACBN
Asst. Professor, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Having been treated with Graston Technique®, I was referring my patients to GT practitioners as needed (and with frequency)! After taking the seminars, I am not only treating these patients myself, but receiving referrals solely for GT from patients and other professionals. Now, I don't know how I'd practice without it."

 — Alice Capitano, DC
Portland, OR

"Graston Technique
® has significantly increased our treatment protocols and decreased patient treatment time with fabulous results. M2 adds so much more to the basic stroke and allows it to be used functionally. I am excited to use this tomorrow!"

 — Chad Peters, DC and Nikki Viersen, DC
Corpus Christi, TX

"There is much more to Graston Technique® than stainless steel instruments and a ‘gritty’ sensation. The technique is the result of proficient people offering an exceptional product, in a comprehensive and intelligible manner. That makes the integration of Graston Technique® into my office an easy decision for me… I am in!"

— Stephen Flynn, DC
Auburn, ME

"Graston Technique® has changed my practice. I work as the team chiropractor for Northwestern University and DePaul University. GT has allowed me to expand far beyond what I have been treating with any athlete. The trainers and other team physicians now refer to me for soft tissue injuries because of the positive results I have achieved with Graston Technique®."

— Thomas Solecki Jr., DC, DACBSB
Instructor, Clinical Sciences, Northwestern University

"Thanks for the terrific seminar. I returned to my brother's house on Sunday and promptly worked on both my brother (plantar fasciitis, old sprained finger, knees and lower back) and my wife (old ACL repair). The technique worked great!"

— Steven Horwitz, DC
Silver Spring, MD

"I have found Graston Technique® to be absolutely invaluable in the treatment of many chronic and painful conditions. Athletes and office workers alike can benefit. I just wish I had learned about Graston Technique® sooner."

— Jay Burness, DC
Oakville, ON

"I have been having such incredible success with the instruments, I am so amazed! I am getting so many referrals from existing patients! Thanks so much!"

— Amy O'Donnell, DC
Cos Cob, CT

"Excellent organization; gave core knowledge (instrument handling & strokes) that can be applied to multiple areas/conditions. Even after 30 years of practice experience, this technique has tremendously changed my patient management strategies resulting in improved clinical outcomes, higher levels of patient satisfaction, and increased patient referrals."

— Steven Zajac, DC
Clinical Associate Professor, D'Youville College

"I have used Gua Sha for over 10 years and I have had good results. But Graston Technique® goes much deeper and it is more specific. And the results are better. The GT instruments amplify the feeling in my hands, where the Gua Sha tools seem to muffle it."

— David Miner, DC
Lower Lake, CA

"Fantastic training, content and applicability. Putting GT into practice will be great!"

— Agostino DiPaolo, DC
Maple, ON

"The hands-on time & use of the instruments within the 1st hour was unexpected and extremely invaluable. I was very skeptical at first but believe this is the ‘missing link’ between the adjustments and rehab."

— David Ringdahl, DC
Orange, CA

"I think GT M2-Advanced Training should be mandatory. You can learn so much from the high caliber instructors. When you get comfortable with your GT instruments, it is time to challenge yourself and get to the next level. That's what M2 will do for you."

— Rikke Johansen, DC
Menlo Park, CA

"This course was excellent both in content as well as the instructors’ knowledge in clinical practice application."

— Charles Bates, DC
Los Angeles, CA

"This is my favorite type of course. Small group. Lots of interaction and lots of exchange of ideas and techniques."

— Larry Smith, DC
Parksville, BC

"I read the latest newsletter and I even benefited greatly from it, because it actually helped me solve a clinical problem I had with a patient I am currently treating for leg pain."

— Thomas Lauvsnes, DC
Lillestrom, Akershus, Norway

"It's an amazing adjunct, makes soft tissue much more effective, much easier on the clinician’s hands. I've helped several patients with chronic thoracic pain, plantar fasciitis, and shoulder tendinosis. Graston Technique® allows us to restart the tissue repair process consistently and effectively. I heartily recommend this class, and this work. Once you are trained you'll say, 'How did I get along without this technique.'"

— Marc Heller, DC
Ashland, OR

"After attending a Graston Technique® Module 1, my Monday morning case of DeQuervain's presented with minimal reported relief after two weeks of conventional care. Having completed this interactive intense lab workshop, I administrated Graston Technique® to this patient's right wrist. The next day, he presented for an unscheduled visit to report total pain relief and 90% ROM ability. This was one of many successful treatment protocols since adding GT to my sports medicine practice, however, the most significant. I went on to get certified in Module 2. Aside from the benefits of the superlative faculty instruction, the support system from Graston Technique® has aided in facilitating state-of-the-art patient care. My medical referral base has increased substantially."

— Valli Gambina, DC
Venice, FL

"Graston Technique® and this certification is one of the best investments I've ever made into my fledgling practice. My fireman patient with bilateral shoulder pain went to another chiropractor without results, went to an MD without any help, but GT treatments got results."

— Greg Arnold, DC, CSCS,
Danville, CA


"Soft tissue injuries are some of the most irritating injuries to deal with — for athletes and athletic trainers alike. The source of the pain produced by these injuries can be difficult to accurately locate and effectively treat, leaving athletes hobbled and athletic trainers frustrated. Some of the standard techniques used to treat these injuries, including transverse friction massage (TFM) and myofascial release, can cause a lot of discomfort — for the provider. A possible solution for both the athletic trainer and the athlete may be Graston Technique®.

Graston Technique® works very well for Achilles and patellar tendinosis, significant problems for runners. In addition, GT providers are reporting extensive use in the treatment of neck and lower back pain. Current studies testing the effectiveness of Graston Technique® will look at post-surgical lower back pain, lateral epicondylosis and carpal tunnel syndrome.(1)"

—Stephen Perle, DC, MS
Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences
University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic
(1) The Leading Edge
Training & Conditioning, Oct. 2003

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