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Physical Therapists - Occupational Therapists

"I wish I had been introduced to GT years ago. It has really transformed my practice. My patients also love it and are amazed at the outcomes; whether it is post-surgical, chronic, or new injury, GT always increases the speed of ROM recovery and functional returns."

—Natalie Heberlie, MPT
Millstadt, IL

"I wonder why this technique is not sought after by ALL physical therapists. It saves the therapist's body, allows effective STM and brings functional outcomes."

—Thomas Neidenbach, PT
Glen Ellyn, IL

"Clinical application in Module 2 is excellent."

—Vincent Puccio, DPT
Staten Island, NY

"I am a very experienced physical therapist. Graston Technique® is simply a ‘slam dunk’ intervention. Restoring range of motion post-op, ridding athletes of chronic and nagging injuries, mobilizing scars, treating acute athletic injuries before they become chronic, and ‘curing’ patients of chronic neural tingling is easy and fast!"

—Terri Bechtel-Greenberg, PT, DPT, OCS
Sherman Oaks, CA

"Excellent course. Immediately applicable. I love GT and have been having incredible success with stubborn injuries. I am so glad I took the class. It has complemented and deepened the level of work that I do."

Jennifer Gallagher, MSPT
South Easton, MA

"I was a bit skeptical of the impact it would make and am very pleased to say that there really are patients coming in just for the Graston Technique® treatment. I haven't received referrals specifically for it yet, but I am confident that they will come once patients give their reports back to the doctors. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn this technique."

Laurie Johnson, PT
Virginia Beach, VA

"Great course! Hands-on training made this easy and practical to apply immediately in the clinic!"

Troy Shelton, OTR/L, CHT
San Francisco, CA

"Graston Technique® is FABULOUS!! It's amazing what you can feel through the tools and the depth in tissue you can reach with them. Since using the Graston Technique® instruments, my hands are no longer sore from STM and my patients have reported feeling significant relief from their symptoms! It's a win-win!"

Kari Redfield, OTR/L
Visalia, CA

"I’ve had excellent results with GT already and cannot wait to add the dynamic component to rehab sessions. It’s been the most effective and efficient treatment I’ve learned so far from continuing education courses!"

Kristi Hoffbauer, PT
Batesville, IN

"Great. This will really help in the clinical setting. All physios should get training!"

Christopher Keevil, MCSP (UK) RPT (US)
Epsom, Surrey, England

"Graston Technique® has enabled me to dramatically improve my level of feel and touch. The versatility of the instruments is superb!"

Liam Holmes, Sports Physiotherapist
Fulham Football Club (UK)

"I feel ready to go into my clinic on Monday and start to apply it."

Lisa Ragusa, PT
Brighton, MI

"Graston Technique®  has revolutionized my use of manual therapy. It has rescued my hands from premature arthritis and has allowed me to treat with better depth and specificity. My clientele, which includes professional and elite amateur athletes, has benefited significantly from my application of GT. As a physiotherapist for more than 20 years and an osteopath for 10 years, I appreciate what GT has added to our three clinics."

Sophie Dhenin, PT
Virginia Water, Surrey, England

"Using the Graston Technique®, I have been able to help patients achieve higher levels of function and pain relief — even those who have not succeeded with prior intervention."

—M. Terry Carey, MS, PT, MTC
Indiana University School of Health
and Rehabilitation Sciences
Indianapolis, IN

"I have been a therapist for 26 years, and this is the best tool I've ever found for breaking down scar tissue and improving resolution."

—Thomas H. Johnson, MS, PT
Director, Kosciusko Community Hospital's
Regional Rehabilitation Center
Warsaw, IN

"Graston Technique® is extremely effective on lateral and medial epicondylitis and other soft tissue dysfunctions. It's also very effective on loosening old scar restrictions. GT is a great tool for any OT's tool box."

—Kathy Gentry, OTR
Indianapolis, IN

"I have found Graston Technique® to be a very aggressive treatment in both chronic and acute cases. My patients feel some initial relief right away and look forward to their next session. I treat a lot of hand, wrist, elbow and neck injuries that result from overuse situations, and we see results quickly within a few treatments."

—Kimberly Indresano, OTR/L
Waterloo, IA

"I like Graston Technique® because it helps me better identify fibrosis on the soft tissue. My patients can feel it, too, and they can provide better feedback during the treatment. GT has definitely brought value to my practice."

—Gretchen Maurer, OTR, CHT, Owner
Norfolk, VA

"The stainless steel instruments are a great complement to my hands. Instruments like Graston Technique® help me diagnostically find areas that would be hard to find manually. This technique realigns scar tissue, and can relieve patients' pain and return them to normal daily activity quickly."

—Sue Tank, OTR, CHT
Indianapolis, IN

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