Chiropractor Testimonials

Chiropractors have used Graston Technique® to treat soft-tissue injuries for many years. Read more about their outcomes below.

"After an excellent training, I started treating patients on Monday morning with the instruments. The Graston Technique® has been a welcomed asset to our interdisciplinary clinic. Our team of Pain Interventionists are very excited about the results we are achieving. Some of our patients have had their medication reduced, which is a wonderful thing. The Graston Technique® is a very holistic approach to treating myofascial pain and incorporates well in our interdisciplinary practice.

Actually, GT has become a very important component of our treatment program here at Boston PainCare. Our physicians who are Board Certified in Pain Management (DABPM) order GT therapy in conjunction with performing many of the interventional services that they provide. Specific note is given to how the Graston Technique® enhances the efficacy of Trigger Point Injections. In the majority of our patients who received trigger point injections, with or without the use of steroids, find that incorporating GT will help the effects of the TPI last longer and be more effective. Out staff endorses GT and most of our patients find the effects to be better than what they anticipated."

Donal Counihan Jr., DC
Director of Functional Rehabilitation
Boston PainCare
Waltham, Massachusetts

"Graston Technique® has changed the way I practice, increased success rate of my treatments and helped me treat conditions that did not respond well. I have helped several patients with shoulder pain, post surgical knee pain, and back pain. GT allows me to repair and rebuild soft tissue injuries consistently and effectively."

Laurie Buob, DC
Austin Family & Sports Therapy
Austin, Texas

"M2 not only elevates the quality of care that I offer as a chiropractor, but offers a more effective diagnostic evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal pain. Treat the cause not the pain!"

Reg H. Cully, DC
Cully Family Chiropractic
Lampasas, Texas

"When I graduated, Graston Technique® was one of a couple of things that I believed I had to have when I got out of school. I don't know how many hundreds of times since 2004 that I have paid (through clinic income) for these instruments."

Jonathan M. Wilhelm, DC, MS, ICSSD, CCSP, CCEP
Pro Chiropractic
Belgrade, Montana

"Two new patients on a Monday, they found me on the GT website. Love those easy referrals!"

Ashli Linkhorn, DC, CCSP, CCEP, PES/CES-NASM
Sports Chiropractic Institute
Atlanta, Georgia

"Great course! Will definitely use this tomorrow. This is going to save my hands!"

Elizabeth Baker, DC
Integra Spine & Sport Therapy
Acworth, Georgia

"I was looking for a technique that would assist me in the muscle work that I provide so my body won't suffer anymore. This seems to be a perfect fit!"

Caroline Diller, DC
Cumberland Valley Chiropractic & Wellness
Orrstown, Pennsylvania

"This seminar was one of the best I've taken. The information and instructors were excellent. I'm excited to integrate GT into everyday practice."

John Fragoso, DC
Chico, California

"Graston Technique® expands my skills as a clinician. Not only does it aid in the healing of the patient, but it offers sound treatment options for the practitioner."

Gerald Lopez, DC
Dauphin, Manitoba

"I LOVED the seminar this weekend. I have already used Graston Technique® on three patients this morning, and they also loved it!!"

Elizabeth Pagano, DC
Chiropractic Cafe
Raleigh, North Carolina

"I have been in practice for almost 15 years and have used Graston Technique® for the past 6 years. I truly do not know how I practiced prior to using the GT instruments. Effective soft tissue evaluation and treatment is, in my opinion, necessary in a successful Chiropractic practice."

Alice Capitano, DC
Capitano Chiropractic
Portland, Oregon

"Graston Technique® has completely changed how I practice. I finally feel I have something to offer those really hard cases where my previous treatments had been marginal at best. Patients now seek me out specifically because I am a GT Provider."

Sara Cuperus, DC, CCSP, ATC, CACCP
Chiropractic Performance Center, PA
Sartell, Minnesota

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