Course Descriptions

Graston Technique® offers two levels of training.

M1-Basic Training

The purpose of this basic training is to introduce clinicians to Graston Technique®, it's clinical applications, physiological effects/benefits and potential contraindications.

M2-Advanced Training

M1 establishes guidelines for Graston Technique® and the basic framework for static stroke applications. M2 introduces load, movement and adds five new treatment strokes and new procedures for assessing musculoskeletal dysfunction while introducing the principles of regional interdependence and 3-D kinetic chain myofascial applications.

The Strength of GT

More than 31,000 clinicians, 3,600 outpatient facilities, 81 industrial sites and 500 professional and amateur sports organizations worldwide offer Graston Technique®, a unique, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. Additionally, GT is part of the curriculum at more than 48 respected colleges and universities.