Medical Physicians Testimonials

Medical Physicians have used Graston Technique® to treat soft-tissue injuries or referred patients to GT providers for many years. Read more about their outcomes below.

"I use Graston Technique® to help restore the function and control that many of my patients lose when a simple injury becomes a chronic condition. It's drug-free, non-invasive and produces an almost immediate response. Most importantly, it equalizes the frustration felt by many of my patients who have already failed to respond to conventional treatment."

Paul J. Kern, MD
Ortho Indy

Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Graston Technique® is the new third alternative that represents the opportunity for a productive and pain-free quality of life for many patients. The Technique can often eliminate the need for surgery. But what really has impressed me is how important the instruments are in making the right diagnosis in the first place, by identifying adhesions and restrictions away from the site of pain."

Stephen R. Pfeifer, MD
American Health Network

Fishers, Indiana

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The Strength of GT

More than 31,000 clinicians, 3,600 outpatient facilities, 81 industrial sites and 500 professional and amateur sports organizations worldwide offer Graston Technique®, a unique, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. Additionally, GT is part of the curriculum at more than 48 respected colleges and universities.

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