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M1-Basic Training

Training and Education

Education is the principal focus of our company and our training and continuing education courses are an integral part of the success of the Graston Technique®. Only clinicians who have been trained and accredited in the GT M1-Basic course are qualified to apply the technique to treat patients and market themselves as GT Providers. The M2-Advanced course expands and extends the scope of GT treatment to the next level. Successfully completing the M2-Advanced Training qualifies a clinician to become "certified" in the Graston Technique®.

We offer two training options: at scheduled locations or at an on-site training at your facility.


After the Course

Upon completion of the M1-Basic Training course, participants are fully capable to incorporate the Graston Technique® into their practice. You'll use GT during the evaluation and treatment process as well as an injury prevention method in maintenance programs for your patients and athletes.