Graston Technique®, an evidenced-based form of manual therapy, has been featured on various video and media outlets. We are excited to share some of the clippings with you!

June 2014
Graston Technique, LLC
Graston Technique, LLC Lowers Price on Instruments

February 2014
HBO Sports
24/7 Road to the Winter Classic

August 2012
News 4 Jacksonville
Ortho Surgeon, Dr. Steve Lucie, Touts GT Benefits as Runner, Doctor

January 2011
ABC News 7 San Francisco
Graston Technique® Used to Help Breast Cancer Survivors

June 2010
CBS News 19 Charlottesville
Make Dan Sweat: Graston Technique®

May 27, 2010
ABC News 7 San Francisco
Medieval-like Tools Used to Relieve Chronic Pain

May 4, 2009
WCBD News 2 Charleston
Medical Technology: Graston Therapy

May 2008
FOX 5 News Atlanta
Graston Technique® for Chronic Pain

October 2008
NBC News 4 Washington
The Soreness Solution?

FOX News
Nonsurgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options