Who Uses GT?

Clinicians across six continents.

Graston Technique® is used by more than 24,500 clinicians worldwide in some 3,042 outpatient facilities and by more than 431 professional and amateur sports organizations. GT is utilized on-site by 86 major corporations and is included in the curriculum at more than 45 respected universities and colleges.

Clinicians at these organizations and institutions are treating elite athletes, patients, and employees every day and counting on GT to get them to function injury free at the highest level.

Indiana University was the first to include Graston Technique® in its teaching curriculum. In 2000, Graston Technique® was included in the graduate kinesiology course for athletic trainers and now is an elective in the doctoral physical therapy program.

Since then, Graston Technique® has become part of the curriculum in 45 advanced degree programs for physical therapy, chiropractic, and athletic training.


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Amateur sports organizations using GT

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"Having been fully certified in the Graston Technique now for more than 8 years, I can only say it has been an invaluable therapeutic tool for me in my sports-based musculoskeletal practice. When used dynamically or functionally, incorporating GT helps me achieve excellent clinical outcomes on an ongoing basis. I would not be able to practice as I do without adding GT to my treatment protocols. Certification and instrument purchase has paid for itself many times over."

Dr. Agostino DiPaolo, DC
Vaughan Spine & Sport Therapy
Maple, Ontario, Canada