Who Uses GT?

Clinicians across six continents.

Graston Technique® is used by more than 24,500 clinicians worldwide in some 3,042 outpatient facilities and by more than 431 professional and amateur sports organizations. GT is utilized on-site by 86 major corporations and is included in the curriculum at more than 45 respected universities and colleges.

Clinicians at these organizations and institutions are treating elite athletes, patients, and employees every day and counting on GT to get them to function injury free at the highest level.

Indiana University was the first to include Graston Technique® in its teaching curriculum. In 2000, Graston Technique® was included in the graduate kinesiology course for athletic trainers and now is an elective in the doctoral physical therapy program.

Since then, Graston Technique® has become part of the curriculum in 45 advanced degree programs for physical therapy, chiropractic, and athletic training.


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"I am a very experienced Physical Therapist. Graston Technique is simply a 'slam dunk' intervention. Restoring range of motion post-op; ridding athletes of chronic, nagging injuries; mobilizing scars; treating acute athletic injuries before they become chronic; and 'curing' patients of chronic neural tingling is easy and fast. The Graston Technique® instruments allow me to easily detect and treat soft tissue lesions that even well-trained hands cannot. I love this technique--and will use it for the rest of my career. (I have already started getting all of my therapists trained in the Graston Technique, because I consider it a skill every excellent orthopedic Physical Therapist must have.)"

Terri Bechtel-Greenberg, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC
Bechtel Physical Therapy
Sherman Oaks, California