Why GT?

Why GT?

  • Better outcomes
  • Easier on your hands
  • Exceed patient expectations
  • Expands business opportunities through positive referrals
  • Create a market niche

GT is the Leader in IASTM Education

We recognize there are options in the marketplace. However, Graston Technique® is the original pioneer of modern IASTM. For more than 20 years, we've set the gold standard of excellence. Other companies have tried to mimic us, but we're the leaders in education. Our course materials are constantly being revised to reflect the latest research and industry best practices.

Graston Technique® is not a generic term. It's a well-known brand synonymous with faster and better patient outcomes. Graston Technique® redefines patient care and practice success.

The Graston Technique® was developed as a combination of our industry-leading training and our specially designed instruments. The M1 Basic 12-hour course includes an hour of didactic lecture that will challenge your anatomical recall and manual therapy skills. The training then moves into hands-on lab demonstrations with performance, feedback, teaching, supervised open practice and case troubleshooting.

M2-Advanced Training/GT Certified

The M2 Advanced 14-hour course takes the GT Provider to the next level of learning, earning them the Graston Technique® Certified status. M1 establishes guidelines for GT and the basic framework for static stroke applications. M2 adds five new treatment strokes and new procedures for assessing musculoskeletal dysfunction while introducing movement and the principles of regional interdependence and 3-D kinetic chain myofascial applications.

As a company focused on education, GT has also partnered with MedBridge to offer additional educational opportunities. Check out our new online courses at GT.MedBridgeEducation.com.

The Strength of GT

More than 31,000 clinicians, 3,600 outpatient facilities, 81 industrial sites and 500 professional and amateur sports organizations worldwide offer Graston Technique®, a unique, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. Additionally, GT is part of the curriculum at more than 48 respected colleges and universities.


"The Graston Technique has been wonderful, especially with our patients with long-standing overuse issues such as lateral epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis. Love GT!"

Stephanie Ale, DPT
Woodstown Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab
Woodstown, New Jersey

Training and Education

At GT, we're committed to providing clinicians with the best IASTM education in the industry. Read more about our training and education options and instruction team.